Georgia was one of the first states to initiate a private school scholarship fund through state taxation, and now eight states have joined in. Typically taxes for schooling goes straight to public schools. This new initiative, however, is intended to provide scholarships based on financial need to private schools. As a result, there have been some unintended consequences. Instead of increasing private school enrollment and giving students more options for schooling aside from public schools, the money is often looped back around to the families that donated it. Money that could be going to improving public schools is now facing the possibility of being put back into the pockets of the families that donate the money through tax credits and through their own children receiving the scholarships. It’s worked in Florida since there are fewer restrictions on scholarships and less reward for those who donate, but will it work elsewhere?

Is this legislation necessary? What could be changed about this legislation to make it affective? Should the government focus more on improving the quality of public schools?