For the first time in history Egyptians went to polling locations and voted to elect a leader. This is the second day where polls are open to the public as authorities have declared a holiday to enable maximum participation. This comes 15 months after protestors took to the streets to combat the corruption and greed they saw within their country. The top candidates include Mohamed Morsi on the right and Abel Moneim Aboul Foutouh on the left. While instability may follow the election, citizens seem to covet the simple freedom to choose.

At least for me, this reinforces the simple fact that many Americans take for granted every fall. The unfortunate truth is that the right to vote is seen as a chore and a hassle for many Americans. This remarkable drama in Egypt should open our eyes to the fact that it is in fact our right and our duty to vote every time we have the opportunity.

Am I off base? Do Americans still desire to vote every November?

Is the election in Egypt more of a symbol than an actual change in ideology? Meaning, there is still tension between several majority factions so can this new flavor of democracy change the old tongue?