The spelling rule generally goes “i-before-c”…unless you’re Mitt Romney, it seems.

Romney’s “With Mitt” iPhone app embarrassingly misspelled “America” this week, instead spelling it “Amercia”. The app allows users to take their own photos and add Romney slogans to them, and then share them on social media outlets.

Politically minded internet users have claimed that, although slips of the tongue are common for political candidates (remember when Obama claimed to have visited “all 57 states” in 2008?), when an error appears in writing, it shows a lack of attention to detail. One Twitter user wrote, “If you’re applying for a job, and you misspell the name of the company you want to work for, you won’t get that job. #Amercia”.

By the way, #Amercia has been trending on Twitter since yesterday, and even inspired it’s own Tumblr blog, “Amercia is With Mitt“. However, it’s probably worth noting that a lot of Romney supporters most likely didn’t even know about the app until the spelling snafoo started a media buzz.

Is this spelling error really that big of a deal?

Is Romney’s camp showing a lack of attention to detail, or is this just a simple mistake? Is this a situation where “no publicity is bad publicity,” or will this hurt Romney?