“I only smoke when I drink”. -S*** College Students Say

This one comes from across the pond. The British duo Rizzle Kicks makes some light of cigarette addiction with this catchy single.

Mmm yeah I love it when my lips are on her,
There’s a spark in our relationship I plant a kiss upon her,
I *** around too much and there’s a risk that I’m a goner,
So I’ve got her on hand like a badge of honour,
The downside is she’s never there when I’m lacking dollar,
So I’ve got to try and go through a day without acting bothered,
In the hope she’d leave me alone because I’m better off her,
But I see that spark and I just accept the offer

With smoking being such a pervasive aspect of college life, it seems to me to be an important topic to discuss.

Villanova allows people to smoke if they are “at least 25 feet from an entrance or exit, air intake duct or window”.

Should the decision to smoke be the sole right of the individual? Or should the government and other institutions be allowed to enact policies (i.e taxes, restrictions on entire campuses) that try to limit smoking? Should a person be responsible for their own health or is it ethical for these institutions to step in? Are these policies even fueled by ethical motives?