There’s been a ton of relevant news recently about military drones. Not only are drones being used as a means of surveillance, but now they’re also being used as a means of aggressive strikes against expected and confirmed insurgents and other targets. These unmanned military aircrafts have become arguably one of the U.S’s favorite means of defense as evidenced by the the increases in drone missile strikes and the recent agreement that the U.S would arm Italy’s own fleet of drones. All of this means that drone warfare is set to become a major factor in the military future of the world.

What many of us may wonder, however, is where the U.S keeps this growing fleet of death machines. A recent piece by Foreign Policy has compiled testimonials and other intel to bring us a list of highly expected and confirmed locations of U.S drone bases around the globe. This is fascinating and eye opening. 

What is to be said about most of these location being in close proximity of the Middle East? What are the ethical implications of drone warfare? Should the U.S, and other global powers, continue to expand their use of drones?