Most of sports-loving America is riveted by the current NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. Another event that all of America should be fully engaged in is the upcoming Greek Elections between the Syriza party and the New Democracy party.

For many of us, we consider sports to be a matter of life or death. But in reality, when our team loses, life continues on normally the next morning and for many days after. Elections, often, can mean actual life or death. Life or death for a country, an economy, a way of life. These Greek elections have that type of importance.

With all that being said, the NBA Finals can be likened to the Greek Elections taking place this Sunday through a few pretty resounding similarities…

1. The Oklahoma City Thunder = the Syriza Party

Both are a relatively new powerhouse with young leadership (Kevin Durant= 23, Alexis Tsipras= 37) and limited experience in their field. Even with a win, both could end up having unsuccessful futures. The Thunder will most likely not to be able to keep all of their young talent on their team as a result of free agency and limited cap room. Sixth man of the year James Harden and/or super-athletic power forward Serge Ibaka will likely depart, limiting how powerful the Thunder are in the future. If Syriza wins, their political power may soon wane as well. They are running on a policy against the proposed EU bailout. Going against their already agreed upon terms with the EU may bring about their exit from the Euro as well as an economic crisis in Greece, Europe, and may be even the world. Political parties rarely survive economic crises, and Syriza would not likely be an exception.

2. The Miami Heat = The New Democracy Party

Both represent the old guard, the status quo. While they’ve both been considered a power house in the past, both have experienced heartbreaking losses (Heat lost 2011 NBA Finals to the Mavericks, N.D got destroyed in the 2009 elections). N.D is represented by the veterans of the political scene who hope to accept the EU bailout and keep the status quo and their place in the Euro Zone. The Heat (The Big Three) hope to keep their reputation as the best team in basketball. A loss for both could lead to a downward spiral. A loss could mean an end to The Big Three for the Heat and a continued drop off of power for the N.D party.

3. The Final Outcome Will Significantly Decide the Future 

If the Heat win, the Big Three will most likely stay intact and continue their dominance into the future. If the Thunder win they could quite possibly, with the players they have, find a way to form their own big three and be dominant for years to come.

If Syriza wins, Greece will push for a new bailout deal that they will most likely not receive. This would a mean a return to Greece’s old currency, the drachma, and the ushering in of a new crisis and a new era. If N.D wins, Greece will have to settle with the deal they have agreed to and the citizenry will have to put up with economic austerity for years to come.


So keep on enjoying the NBA Finals, and be sure to look out for the outcome of the Greek Elections this Sunday. While basketball may seem to be what’s most important right now, it will soon be clear how crucial these elections actually turn out to be for all of us.

Who will win the Greek Elections? Who will win the NBA Finals? What are your future predictions if either team/political party wins?