When is the last time you walked down good old Main St. and heard someone use a swear word? You probably didn’t even think about it when you did, right? Well in the small Massachusetts town of Middleborough, swearing is an act punishable by death! Just kidding, but you do get a $20 ticket.

The ordinance was brought forward by Mimi DuPhily, a member of the town’s beautification committee. Yes you heard me right, the Middleborough beautification committee. I guess their jurisdiction extends beyond planting flowers and renovating landmarks. Nonetheless, the ordinance states that the yelling of swear words in a public place can result in a ticket. It is the cop’s decision to ticket the offender or not.

The obvious question is does this law abridge the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

Or, is this a reasonable ordinance which will bring some class to the streets of Middleborough??