As Americans, we take so much for granted. We complain about the work we have to do, the taxes we have to pay, and even the daily precautions we have to take for security reasons.

We forget that there are plenty of people in the world who would kill to have that work to be able feed their family, to pay those taxes so that they could have basic goods and services provided for them, to get slowed down by security protocol so they can sleep at night with both eyes closed.

There’s so much dysfunction in the world, yet we rarely realize how lucky we are. Honestly think about why, as Americans, we’re able to act act like we own the joint.

Foreign Policy Magazine has compiled a list of the 60 most fragile countries. It opened my eyes, hopefully it opens yours too.

Do we take for granted what we have in the United States? How can these countries be fixed internally and/or externally?