Did you catch the series premier of The Newsroom on HBO last night? If you haven’t, and you’re a news junkie – which you probably are, if you’re reading this blog – then you need to watch it. Right now. Seriously.

Whether you like the show or not, last night’s opening episode raised a lot of questions that are especially relevant right now. What is news, really? Are today’s media outlets too polarized, too opinionated, too involved with stories that just aren’t news (see one of our old posts about credible news sources)? Do we as viewers want, even need, better news?

Lastly, a good question to consider during the election season: What makes the United States the greatest country in the world? Are we even the greatest country? Whether we are or aren’t, how can we improve?

If you saw the show, let us know what you think. Even if you don’t enjoy the show itself, there’s no denying that it definitely raises some interesting questions.

What makes a story “newsworthy” for you?