All rap lyrics aside, a discovery was made and rocked the physics world. Scientists say that they have found a subatomic particle which they believe is the Higgs boson. But what does this mean exactly? I mean why should we care at all?

As it turns out, this discovery could prove to be more valuable than you could have ever imagined. The Higgs boson is also known as the ‘god particle’. This is because the Higgs boson could explain why particles have mass, and by extension, why anything from stars to planets exists in the first place. Nobel Prizes all around.

Its named after Peter Higgs, one of the theorists in the 1960’s who theorized of a particle to fill the glaring hole in the ‘standard model’ for physics. In theory it should explain why an object has mass. It’s been at the top of the to-do list for the physics community for quite some time now. Dr. Gordon Kane at the University of Michigan even bet Steven Hawking $100 that it exist!

So how did they do this exactly? Since they did not know the mass of the Higgs boson they had to simulate a controlled version of the Big Bang and quickly find what they were looking for before everything decayed into smaller particles. Needle in a haystack, Higgs boson

So next time you think about the meaning of life, make sure the Higgs boson is part of your answer!

What are the religious implications of this discovery? Can the Church agree with the basic model of the Higgs boson particle? 

Do you think that it is possible for everything in the universe to be explained by one particle? Or does it just seem to good to be true?