Nine days until the kickoff of the London Olympics!

The Summer Olympics are a favorite of mine – particularly the swimming events – but the London Olympics have seemed to be surrounded by controversy from the get go. The newest scandal is whether or not Oscar Pistorius, the South African runner who wears carbon fiber prosthetics, should be allowed to compete in track.

His “friend” and Nike’s “World’s Fastest Man,” Michael Johnson doesn’t think so, saying that he believes that Pistorius’s prosthetics give him an unfair advantage, despite the fact that a team of scientists studied the prosthetics during a 400 that Pistorius himself ran.

This statement came on the heels of Johnson’s claim that American and Caribbean sprinters would continue to dominate their sport because descendants of West African slaves had a “superior athletic gene.” If you think this sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve probably heard it before – straight from the mouth of Hitler.

It seems as though Michael Johnson has quickly transitioned from world’s fastest man to world’s biggest mouth, wouldn’t you say?

Should Pistorius be allowed to compete, despite his prosthetics? Is Michael Johnson completely out of line with his comments, especially in light of scientific facts?

What are you looking forward to most about the Olympics?