Remember that one R. Kelly song, “I Believe I Can Fly”? Well for young immigrants across the country, the Obama Administration’s ambitious immigration initiative is providing them with a soaring opportunity: for as many as 1.7 million young illegals, it will be the first time they can apply for temporary reprieves from deportation and acquire legal working licenses. 

This deportation deferral program officially begins on Wednesday, August 15th, and immigrant and student organizations across the country are already packed with eager individuals seeking more information. This initiative is not unlike the Dream Act that Congress previously failed to pass. With it, young hopefuls will be able to procure Social Security numbers which in turn, allows them to obtain driver’s licenses and government aid for higher education.

However, with the election coming up, the success of this program remains unclear. These permits and deportation deferrals must be renewed after two years, and if President Obama no longer occupies the White House in 2014, what will happen to these individuals? Do you think this is akin to an amnesty program that will encourage more illegal immigration or provide aliens in good standing with immense economic and social benefits?