Christopher Vaughn and Drew Peterson may be the stars of a bizarre Lifetime film. Here we have two middle-class suburban males who allegedly murdered their wives and plotted to escape persecution. Christopher Vaughn is on trial in Will County for the 2007 murder of his wife and children while Drew Peterson, an ex-cop no less, is on trial for the alleged 2007 murder of his third wife. These two trials, eerily similar, were held next door to each other in a courthouse in Joliet, Illinois.

Tonight, Drew Peterson was found guilty and sentenced to a 60-year prison term. The conviction is the first of its kind in Illinois for being largely based on hearsay. A new law called the “Drew’s Law,” in reference to the accused, allowed family and friends of the deceased victim to give incriminating evidence about Peterson.

Illinois does not employ the death penalty, and as we wait for Christopher Vaughn’s verdict, it remains to be seen how the Vaughn trial will end. Do you think Vaughn’s testimony that the death of his family was a murder-suicide by his wife will hold in court? Do you believe Peterson’s verdict was just and what do you think Vaughn’s verdict should be?