The first week of real classes means the first need for real procrastination. Luckily we have some GREAT procrastination material for you to read this week:

1. New York Fashion Week

This week in New York City designers are showcasing their 2013 spring/summer collections. Didn’t summer 2012 just end? Regardless, models are strutting down the runway in variations of leather, feathers and outfits you can’t picture anywhere outside of these shows. This huge event might happen only twice a year in NYC, but lucky for us I’m pretty sure it’s fashion week every week at ‘Nova..

2. Medicare vs. Economy

With 57 days until the election, the race is getting fierce. The two presidential candidates are on tours through two important swing states: Florida and Virginia, both states Obama won in 2008. Since it’s crunch time, the candidates are focusing on what they know best. Obama is focusing on Obamacare while Romney sticks with the economy. What do you think people are going to care about more? Can they just pick the issue they think they rock at and stick with it?

3. Tornados?? In NYC?

Yup, we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that tornados hit New York City on Saturday morning. Though the National Weather Service issued a warning to citizens, the tornado hit just 30 minutes later. The storm system is working through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the country, so take cover accordingly.

4. Bombing near NATO headquarters

The Taliban claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing near the NATO Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan. The blast killed six people, mostly Afghan children, though the Taliban claimed it was an attack on CIA agents.

5. U.S. Open

Novak Djokovic of Serbia, defending champion, beat David Ferrer of Spain and is advancing to the U.S. Open finals on Monday against Andy Murray. Victoria Azarenka of Belarus and Serena Williams of the U.S. are the women competing in the women’s finals today.