Welcome back to Third Party Thursday! If you aren’t happy with the Republicans or the Democrats, remember – you have other options!

This week, Pop The Bubble is introducing you to the Libertarian candidate – Gary Johnson. The former governor of New Mexico has been in the news recently this week as a popular option in the polls. So, what’s he all about?

Here’s a few of his stances on some key issues:

1. When it comes to health care, Johnson’s stance is that government-run health care will not work. He plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, while allowing states to reform Medicaid and Medicare.

2. He plans to fix the economy by cutting spending, cutting taxes, and reducing federal involvement in the economy.

3. Johnson thinks that the U.S. must adopt two approaches to immigration: simplifying legal immigration, while tackling illegal immigration by finding out who is coming here, and why.

These are just a few of Gary Johnson’s stances on policy, but if you think his views align with yours, check out the rest of his platform here.

Remember, vote informed this November!