As you recover from a long weekend and prepare for an even longer school week, let’s review what happened in the last seven days:

1. The iPhone 5 was released on Wednesday with a larger screen and other upgraded capabilities. With the announcement, Apple’s stock continues to rise to all time highs. May he rest in peace, but no Steve Jobs continues to seem like no problem for the tech powerhouse.

2. The German Court ruled on Wednesday that Germany’s role in the European bailout was not unconstitutional. This calmed markets abroad and in the U.S. A ruling the other way could have been a disaster for the global economy. That breeze you’re just now feeling is the collective sigh of all Europeans.

3. On the anniversary of September 11th the U.S embassies in Egypt and Libya were attacked. The attack in Libya ended in the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens. The investigation is still ongoing as to if these attacks were premeditated and coordinated.

4. The teacher strikes continued throughout the entire week in Chicago. While kids continue to pretend that it’s still summer, the situation continues to worsen.

5. On Thursday, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke announced QE3 (quantitative easing). The Fed hopes that the move will stimulate the economy. Opinions on the matter differ greatly. While some believe it to be necessary, others find it to be a terrible move that will lead to devaluation of the U.S dollar as well as inflation.

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