While an anti-Islam movie was being spread all around the world and causing extremely violent actions, Pope Benedict XVI, on September the 15th, was giving a message of peace and religious freedom in Lebanon.  The Pope encouraged young Christians from Lebanon to remain a part of the country through its changes without immigrating to other places, like we have seen in the past. He did not just encourage them to stay in Lebanon, but to become an active part of the country. He especially promoted the idea of creating stronger and vital bonds with the Muslim youth. He encouraged them to work together for the future of their country. The Pope was fighting for religious freedom and collaboration between different religions (while, at the same time, an angry crowd set fire to a restaurant just a few miles from Beirut regarding the anti-Islam movie).  The fear and doubts that have led Christians, in previous cases, to leave Egypt, Iraq, and Palestine, should not be repeated in Lebanon, according to the Pope. He stated that this is a call for ‘‘more democracy, for more freedom, for more cooperation and for a renewed Arab identity,’’ the pope said.

Do you believe that a new Arab identity is possible? If yes, how can it be achieved?