I, Robot, Minority Report and countless other movies take us on trips to the future; yet, that futuristic look may not be so farfetched in the years to come. Will Smith and his self-sufficient Audi was certainly an interesting concept. And while the crime prediction seen in Minority Report is still a fantasy, our best and brightest engineers are estimating that by 2040, we may might not even need to carry a driver’s license. 

Why? Well who needs a driver’s license when you’re not the one driving the car?  Even now, in 2012, we have several cars that can back into a space for those of us who are not so dexterous when it comes to parallel parking. More and more, our world is becoming a machine operated and moving far away from man labor.

It seems that the futuristic fantasy world we’ve witnessed in movies and read in books is almost close enough to touch. Car engineers are even developing technology that allows cars to communicate with one another to avoid collisions.

Do you want to keep your hands on the wheel?