Every so often, PTB will bring you news about what’s going on in our own backyards. That way, not only can you read about the fun and interesting events happening around us, but you can physically go and experience some of them. Today, we’re giving you a heads-up on a Philadelphia event that will certainly be worth checking out.

You can spread it on a sandwich, use it as decadent dessert sauce, or eat it straight out of the jar. Any way you want it, that chocolate-hazelnut flavour always delivers. That’s right. I’m talking about nutella, the omnipresent pantry necessity that instantly makes the world go round. Good news for all you nutella fanatics, there’s a nutella truck headed straight for Philadelphia! Starting October 8th until the 13th, the Nutella truck will be roaming around Philly giving out free samples of Nutella to all its fans. 

Do you think our students take enough advantage of our proximity to Philadelphia and all it has to offer? What other kinds of incentives do you think would be attractive for students to venture out to Philly?