When we think about pushing our bodies to the limit, we usually think of staying up an extra hour or running that last mile a little bit faster. David Blaine, on the other hand, wants to stand atop a pillar for 72 hours while experiencing a million volts of electricity. This is the same man who survived 63 hours encased in ice and spent six weeks without food in a glass box above the Thames River. When David Blaine wants to make a statement, he doesn’t hold back. The “Electrified” event will be free to the public in Manhattan on Hudson River Park’s pier starting Friday and will also be streamed on youtube.

Blaine will be sporting a Faraday suit that allows the electricity to run around his body instead of through it. Even more incredible is his decision to allow audience members to control the intensity of the electricity administered. If he comes through with this performance, we’d like it if he could teach us how to stay up for so long.

What do you think – is this a performance of a lifetime or sheer insanity? Do you think there is a limit to human physical capacity? Or do you believe it has more to do with mental stamina?