According to Amy Cuddy, body changes the mind as much as the mind changes the body. Cuddy suggests that “power posing,” which is standing in a posture of confidence, does not only alter the way other people perceive you but also the way you perceive yourself. Power posing, according to findings of Cuddy’s studies, makes one feel more powerful. If body language reflect who we are, how do you perceive students today who hardly acknowledge where they are stepping because they’re too busy looking at their phones? What does this relationship to material objects say about the modern human being?

Cuddy also suggests that by faking that we are that who we aspire to be, we will eventually become that person. Do you believe this is possible? Can you become who you want to be by faking that you already are that person? If this is possible, do you think it is a way of you escaping who you are constantly, for the sake of a better version of you?