If last night’s debate left you feeling a little confused about what the Democratic and Republican candidates were all about (see below), then maybe it’s time for you to go to another party. Third Party Thursday is back this week with the Reform Party USA’s candidate, Andre Barnett.

Barnett’s website says that he wants to restore America through “hard work, faith, and the desire to get the job done”. Here are a few of his stances on the top issues:

– Lower the corporate tax rate to 12% (creating a tax haven here in the US) for corporations that bring jobs back onto US soil and hire Americans. It’s time to stop rewarding companies that outsource American jobs and pay no corporate taxes, and make hiring American workers a priority.

– We must decrease the presence of US forces in countries around the globe to better reflect our national self-interest while still supporting our allies, including Israel, in international hot spots.

-Allowing business to bear the burden of the premium cost of health care (not pass it onto the employee) would allow for much lower premiums and also elimination of the government’s role in these negotiation processes.

– Put education reform in the hands of the state and local governments, instead of treating it at a federal level.

Read more about Andre Barnett and his views here.

There are only 32 DAYS until the presidential election, so keep checking back for campaign updates and information on the rest of the candidates!