For those of you who missed it, Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly met in an air-conditioned auditorium at G.W University to debate on many of the issues that our presidential candidates have had to discuss. It was informative, engaging, and pretty damn hilarious. Two famous faces of political discourse who have a long history of disagreement and argumentation battled it out in a fight between left and right, young and old (viewership), and even short and tall.

The way our country’s political discourse has developed, it seemed only natural that fans of either personality would pull out their megaphones to cheer for their debater, but then put on their earmuffs when the opponent spoke. That is until Jon Stewart said something that some might have considered to be insignificant, but for others carried all the weight in the world. “This idea that somehow people whose viewpoints you can’t quite wrap your head around are not worthy of engagement strikes me as bizarre.”

Why can’t we all think this way? Why must we declare red or blue, block the other opinion out ,and then take ourselves out of the real conversation. It’s about how can we improve our country not how can we can make sure our party wins. President Obama makes a lot of great points, but so does Governor Romney. Hell, so does Ron Paul! So why can’t we just sit back and listen…

All we want is intelligent people discussing issues and good solutions to those issues. No B.S, no blame game, and especially no fake smiles.

Maybe this is disillusioned or idealistic. Or maybe it’s precisely what we should be shooting for.

Has our political discourse become too much about party politics? How can we as citizens improve this situation?