So you buy the most expensive bottled water you can at the grocery store because you assume that its price means the water has been purified, therefore it’s the best for you. Wrong. According to an article written by Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times, a chemical called Bisphenol-A (more likely known as BPA) is present in the plastic of consumer products and is having a dangerous effect on our water because of the containers used.

BPA was discovered a couple years back to be linked to all sorts of maladies such as breast cancer, prostrate cancer, diabetes, and even depression in children. It is found in almost everything we used and more than 90% of Americans had BPA present in their urine. Although numerous researchers have complained to the FDA about the use of BPA in water bottles, the FDA refuses to discontinue its use because of its low cost and easy way to mass produce it. Others are worried about the uncertainty of the research performed on BPA in general, and that there is no concrete answer as to say it is the cause for all these health problems. And because researchers are advancing everyday in technology and sometimes changing their answers, politicians continue to sit on the fence about the matter. Even the 2012 campaign refused to bring up issues like the concern of BPA use because of its efficiency to save money. Whichever way they sway, they could potentially lose supporters.

What do you think about politics today avoiding ecological and health issues? Or BPA’s use in general?

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