Bush & Gore may have “approved this message” on your local television network, but in this election, Obama and Romney are “pinning” and tweeting.  Yes, that means access to recipes of snacks on Obama’s campaign trail, pictures of the Romney’s family dinners, and of course endless tweets.  While these outlets may be rather innovative in comparison to the first televised debate back in the Nixon-Kennedy election, the goal is the same: reach as many people as possible.  In a world where our smart phones and tablets keep us constantly updated to a multitude of media outlets, social networking is the ultimate tool for today’s politicians.

The New York Times took a look at the social media sites held by both parties, looking specifically at their uses and results of using them.  Both parties have used outlets like Tumblr and Instagram to capture moments on the campaign trail, but Facebook and Twitter have proven to be most valuable in their efforts.  Not only a great tool to campaign and spread the word on debates and events, these two social networking sites have also brought in donations to both parties.  Recognizing younger voters as the target audience on social networking sites, the candidates have made it a point to include relevant pop culture references. This includes referencing current television shows and movies.  Both teams have a group of experts managing their given social networking site pages, with the hopes of reaching as many people as possible.

Do you think social networking sites can make a difference? Will you follow either candidate on twitter?