If you’ve been paying attention to the polls this week, you may have noticed that the race to the White House is getting closer than ever, with Romney closing the gap between him and Obama after last week’s debate. Despite this, many voters are still undecided – myself included – to the point where many may not even vote at all come November.

The biggest issue this election is (as you can probably guess) the economy. Both major party candidates are promising to turn the economy around and seem to be promising different things. In an article in The New York Times today, however, Adam Davidson reveals the big secret of this election: Obama and Romney share pretty much the same economic views.

WHAT? How is this possible, when this has been one of the nastiest campaign battles ever?!

Davidson explains that, since the worst of the economic crisis is over, most citizens have reached a consensus on what needs to be done. Therefore, both candidates are viewing things in much the same way.

Davidson does a great job of explaining a tough economic issue, so his whole explanation is definitely worth a read. In the meantime, here are some of the main thoughts of the article:

1. The biggest economic battles are behind us.

2. Undecided voters know this better than anyone.

3. Even if they don’t know many of the details.

4. Amid consensus, it’s tough to run an economy-based challenge

Does this make sense? Is it possible that Obama and Romney have the same economic stance?

What are some similarities or differences that you have noticed between the economic policies of the two candidates?