Through, PolitiFact, CNN Fact Check, etc. we all tried to check and validate what the presidential candidates were saying during the debate. And, what have we noticed? Well, according to Jack Shafer, we realized (if we didn’t already know) that they LIE! As Shafer puts it: “Candidates bend the truth, distort the facts, fudge the numbers, deceive, delude, hoodwink, equivocate, misrepresent, and, yes, lie, as a matter of course.”  Giving examples from Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, to Obama and Romney, Shafer struggles with the question of why people support what they obviously know is a lie? Why don’t people react to this? Why do we, not only let them lie, but support those who are lying to us?

All candidates lie, and all presidents have lied. Even Reagan, a man so smooth even he didn’t know when he was lying.  According to Shafer, the reason why people support those who lie is because their lies cover the truth, which we would rather not know. The citizens themselves want the lies and not tell the truth! This argument suggests that citizens should reflect on their wants, needs, and knowledge. Maybe we are responsible for a part of our own dissatisfaction and not just those who we elect?
Shafer ended his article by saying: “As long as voters cast their votes for candidates who make them feel better, candidates will continue to lie. And to win.

The fact that we are OK with lies that make us feel good could be one of the biggest reasons why we do not get change. People still want to believe in the American Dream. And, as George Carlin once said- “it is a Dream because you have to be asleep to believe in it.”

Are the lies we are telling ourselves (the American Dream) a bigger obstacle than the lies of Romney and Obama?