Happy Thursday! This week, Pop the Bubble is introducing you to the Justice Party’s Rocky Anderson, former mayor of Salt Lake City!


Here are a few of Anderson’s stances:

We must end the bizarre reliance in the United States on for-profit insurance companies for essential health care. We should adopt a health care system like Taiwan’s single-payer system (the most efficient in the world) or Canada’s single-payer system (which is consistently Canada’s most popular social program).

Economic rationality: We will close down all overseas military bases that are not demonstrably critical to our security, along with at least a 50% reduction in the Pentagon budget. (The U.S. military budget is now larger than the military budgets in all other nations combined.) This money will be allocated to domestic priorities, including reducing the accumulated debt and interest burden.

Rocky Anderson’s approach toward an immigration solution would put qualifying undocumented immigrants on a path to legal residence and eventually citizenship to let them seek what we all seek—to work, to provide for their families, and to live in peace.

If any of these views match up with yours, check out the rest of Anderson’s platform here.

There are only 25 DAYS until the presidential election, so keep reading up on all of the candidates so you can make an informed decision come November!