In the previous presidential debates we have heard a lot (big bird, Obama’s snoring, binders full of women, etc.), but not enough. Particularly, we have not heard about the current foreign affair issues. According to John Glaser, Obama and Romney will most probably not address 5 very important issues in tonight’s debate either.  Glaser states that he is comfortable to make such predictions because of how these debates are planned and moderated: “ otherwise it will be difficult for the candidates to accomplish their goal: to spend 90 minutes reciting well-rehearsed lies and distortions.” Another reason why Glaser believes that today’s debate is so predictable is the vice presidential debate, between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, who did not address defense spending, Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan. Also, moderating the debate on foreign policy will be Bob Shieffer, who disregarding the writings of CIA, the State Department, and the FBI, according to Glaser, claimed that the 9/11 was not motivated by US foreign policy.

The 5 central issues to US foreign policy that will not be address tonight, according to Glaser, are:

  1. The (il)legitimacy of the drone war
  2. The failure and cruelty of the Iran sanctions
  3. Government secrecy and surveillance powers
  4. The idiocy of aiding the Syrian rebels
  5. US-backed Israeli crimes against the Palestinians

Is Obama’s drone war legal? Why isn’t the fact that sanctions have historically failed being discussed?  Why is America really intervening in Syria? These are just a few questions to think about, since, after all, Glaser’s predictions might come true.