Daily we feed and groom ourselves in order to preserve the good health of our bodies, but did you know that living on your bodies are trillions of microscopic bacteria?  We’ve been taught all our lives that bacteria can cause health problems and that’s the reason we avoid it in food and make sure to keep good hygiene. Though, there’s actually such thing as good and bad bacteria and with the changes in diet and chemicals we use to maintain ourselves, we are harming the microbes that help preserve our good health.

Recently a group of researchers containing physicians and biologists, traveled to the depths of the Amazon jungle to where a group of indigenous people lived untouched by the outside world.  They gathered both swabs and stool samples to analyze the bacteria their body contained compared to the bacteria of samples they gathered from people living in a civilized region outside of the Amazon.  Although over 200 samples are still being analyzed in an American Laboratory, researchers believe that the destruction of important bacteria from our bodies has occurred due to modernity.  This includes C-sections births, antibiotics, and excessive hygiene. C-sections births do not allow for the cultivation of bacteria that we receive from our mothers while traveling through the birth canal and antibiotics not only kill the bad bacteria but the good bacteria too.  When the good bacteria is either absent or killed, it is unlikely that it can it be replenished in the same manner we had it from birth.  Excessive hygiene like antibiotics, removes bacteria that could be potentially harmful but also removes the bacteria that was necessary to our health.  Although researchers still do not know all the bacteria living on our body or what are the causes of their debilitation, they believe that the microbial imbalance in our bodies are linked to autism, obesity, allergies, and intestinal ailments.    Do you believe that bacteria, microorganisms believed by many to be a threat to our health, could be linked to our good health?  What about its factor of causing things such as obesity and autism?