Just when you were getting adjusted to your nifty new Galaxy or Iphone, the tech giants are at it again. And this time, they have even more company. Starting today until the end of October, major tech companies Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and Google will all release their newest gadgets and devices. Today, Apple hosted a press event to announce their iPad mini, a smaller and more affordable version of the original iPad. Read on for a full rundown of this week’s tech wars.

October 23rd: Apple announces iPad mini

October 24th: release of Samsung’s Galaxy Note II

October 26th: launch of Microsoft’s revamped Windows 8
release of Microsoft’s tablet Surface

October 29th: reveal of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8
announcement of LG and Google’s New Lexus Phone
upgrade of Google’s New Nexus 7 Tablet
announcement of Samsung and Google’s new Tablet

For any tech fans out there, what are you looking forward to most?