It’s been known that bed bugs are blood sucking insects that creep around our beds (hence the name, bed bugs) and feed off us.  Well until recently, it was also thought that without humans and a continual supply of blood that they would expire.  Think again.  According to researchers at the University of Florida, it only takes about 11 weeks for bed bugs to multiply enough to cause harmful blood loss to a baby.  Even crazier, it only takes less than 15 weeks for them to grow spawn large enough to cause the same harm to an adult.  This wouldn’t mean death necessarily, but blood volume would be low and anemia could occur if iron levels are lowered as well.

A project was performed comparing control groups of bedbugs and how they fared on varied amounts of food.  What was found was that even on small doses given once a week, the population of bedbugs thrived and even continued to multiply.  The group grew slower, but did continue to increase.  It was also found that in the group fed the most, they increased four times faster than previously thought, in a 11- to 15- week span.  Although bedbug issue was minor in US for a long time, there was a resurgence in the 1990’s.  Today, the problem continues to exist and if 80% of a population isn’t exterminated in an area, then will be impossible to completely rid of the infestation in that location.

Have you ever heard of bedbug problems before?  What do you believe caused their return?