Texas may seem to be always “teasing” the union about leaving, but following President Obama’s election, it appears that many more states have citizens with similar thoughts. Whitehouse.gov  received over 400,000 signatures on petitions for 36 states, asking for secession from the union.  While petitions from each of these states varied in their reasoning, much concern centered around the current economical state of the country.  Texas citizens, leading in number of signatures with over 77,000, not only noted their balanced budget, but also stated in their petition that “The citizens of the US suffer from blatant abuses of their rights”.  Following Texas in most signatures are Louisiana, Florida, Georgia and Alabama shortly behind.

The We the People site at whitehouse.gov is a place created for citizens to voice their concerns on certain issues affecting America.  The White House maintains, that when any petition receives a certain number of signatures, the petition will be reviewed.  While an email address must be submitted with each signature, there are other ways that people can get away with signing multiple times.  This includes some citizens signing for multiple states’ petitions.

While this great number of citizens asking for secession may seem alarming, for now, these states are here to stay.  One petition for a state would need 25,000 signatures within 30 days to be reviewed.  While the Texas petition has surpassed this amount, this simply means it will  be recognized and read by the Obama administration.  Looks like none of those 50 stars are going anywhere; Sorry Texas.

Do you think Texas would be able to successfully create it’s own nation? Do you think the US would suffer or prosper from the loss of Texas, or any of the states trying to succeed?