Palestinians have attacked Tel Aviv and have aimed at attacking Jerusalem.  Of course, Israeli as well has been attacking the Palestinians. Some of you might regard this as old news, but it seems like the events of these past three days might possibly open a whole new chapter on the history between Palestinians and Israelis. So far there have been 30 deaths in Palestine and 3 deaths in Israel. A very important trigger of these recent attacks has been the death of the Hamas’s leader Ahmed al-Jabari.

Gaza was visited by the Egyptian prime minister to show his support for Palestinians (which might be something we would not have seen before the revolution). He encouraged the Arab League and the UN Security Council to act upon the attacks between Israeli and Palestine. He stated that: “the aim of this visit is not only to show political support but to support the Palestinian people on the ground.” Obama, on the other hand, spoke abstractly stating that Israel has the right to defend itself. Without international community action the events of 2008 may repeat.

However, all this information is filtered through the American media and deeply criticized by Antiwar. According to Antiwar, American media is not allowing the true information of what is going on in Gaza to reach us.

Do you believe this to be true? If so, do you believe that Antiwar does not have a one-sided coverage of the events in Gaza?