According to John Glaser , the US has been supporting Israel in this conflict for many years now. Glaser states that Israel receives $3 billion  from the US each year and also receives military hardware. According to him, the violence caused by Israel is much greater than the violence caused by Palestine. The US has given many sanctions to Israel’s violence and Glaser, supporting Noam Chomsky, says that this is an ethical issue. Palestine has been occupied by Israel for 45 years and during this period the US has supported Israel who is blocking the “political settlement based on the borders set in 1948.”   Moreover, he states that Israel has continuously occupied more and more space of the historical Palestine and has forced Palestinians out of their homes: “This is a direct violation of the international laws that were created in order to criminalize Nazi war policies in World War II. Occupying powers are prohibited from transferring their own civilian populations into occupied territory.”

While Israel claims that the blockade in Gaza is for purely security related purposes, Glaser states that it actually includes economic and humanitarian resources “as well as other non-military items including children’s toys.”  International Committee of the Red Cross has also claimed that the blockade is illegal. UN’s Human Rights Council is not silent during this conflict. Ban Ki-Moon, the UN chief, stated that he urges Israel to “to lift its harsh restrictions in order to ease the plight of civilians and bring an end to the closure.” Glaser even provides a source to an Israeli secret document in which we see Israel’s decision to allow the population of Gaza to consume only 2,279 calories each day “as if they were dogs in a cage.” Dov Wisglasses, an adviser to Ehud Olmert, said that the hunger pangs are used to pressure Palestinians to force Hamas out of government.

To sum up, Glaser believes that this escalation of conflict, in the past week, begun by an Israeli tank invading Gaza during which they killed a 13-year old boy. The conflict thus grew bigger and stronger after the death of Ahmed Jaabari who was acting as the lead negotiator for Hamas in an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire proposal. Glaser claims that the Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza are victims and they “don’t have a big terrible government to counteract Israel’s transgressions and thus attract more of the blame.” Israel has military and economic power and also has support from the US.  Glaser is very careful to say that he is not dismissive of the deaths caused by Hamas and the launching of over 1,000 rockets into Israel.  However, he does conclude that the number of deaths caused by Hamas is incomparable to the large number of deaths caused by Israel. Noam Chomsky, after visiting Gaza for the first time, stated that the Palestinian life is like an open air prison with arbitrary authority which controls their entire lives. They want, he claims, “dignified lives.”

Are libertarians, like Glaser, right on claiming that Israel is to blame? Should we judge who is to blame in this conflict based on the number of deaths?