Climate change is a very relevant issue right now, but sometimes it is hard to see how it would effect us personally. An article from Buzzfeed gives us a list of 15 beautiful places in the world that most likely wont exist by 2050.  Either from receding coast lines, coastal flooding, soil erosion, or melting glaciers, water is threatening to take over quite a few beautiful locations in our world. Notably on the list are Venice, Italy and the Mt. Kilimanjaro.

In addition, there are locations that may hit closer to home as they are in the United States. Some scientists have predicted that Montana’s Glacier National Park will be gone by 2020. While the article jokingly encourages readers to “book a plane ticket before it’s too late”, this also raises a concern that often comes with climate change questions: what about the next generation?

When we all inevitably become millionaires like we expect we can book out plane tickets and be able to say we saw these places before they get wiped out, but that doesn’t solve any problems. These places, homes to thousands of people and specific habitats could be gone forever. We can’t even begin to understand some of the effects this could have on our ecosystem as a whole. Some of these locations can help give a real “face” to the climate change problem.

What place would you be most sad to see go? Do you believe that this is actually a concern? What are you planning on doing to be part of this solution?