instagramNewsflash: Yesterday, Instagram updated its terms/conditions of service with changes that will be put into effect starting January 16, 2013. 

The majority of us with smartphones are already active Instagram users. We love it because the intuitive interface and easy filters turn any of our most mundane photos into works of artful genius. Admit it, breakfast with Instagram becomes an instant foodie postcard. And ever since Facebook acquired Instagram, it’s become even easier to mupload and share every photographic proof of our lives.

But hold on. Before you click “I Have Read and Agree to the Terms/Conditions,” check the fine print. According to the service reforms, any of the photos uploaded on the app’s service is the creative property of Instagram. That means it has the right to repackage, sell, advertise any of your photos without your knowledge or consent. What’s worse is that if the images Instagram selects to use runs into any legal issues, the photographer, not the service, is liable. Basically, Instagram gets to use your photos to increase revenue while you potentially pay all the legal repercussions.

So what does this mean for the future of the ever-popular app? Photographers are already protesting and pledging to never use Instagram until these changes are withdrawn. How will this affect your use of the app?