Beyoncé lip-synced, Joe Biden miraculously didn’t say anything stupid, Michelle rolled her eyes and the President of the United States said the word gay! All of this and more happened at President Obama’s Inaugural Address ceremony.

So what does all of this mean? It means that Barry-O has about two, not four years to get his shit together. And inevitably  there are issues on issues on issues.

Off the top of my head, there are… the Benghazi controversy, the gun debate, immigration reform, same-sex marriage, the “War on Women”, drone warfare, new appointments and of course, the most daunting of all, the economy and the debt crisis.

Most of the things listed above are going to cost more than an arm and a leg. In fact, they will cost trillions of dollars. But don’t let the price tag daunt you; all of these concerns are more than necessary issues to address. President Obama has already unveiled comprehensive reforms for gun control and immigration that will hopefully be put into effect, assuming Congress will actually do work for once (which they probably won’t…).

Mr. Obama must also make new appointments to replace the staff that probably just couldn’t take it anymore. Although old man Hillary Clinton is departing from her post as Secretary of State as the chief diplomat for the nation, rumors of a 2016 presidential run are swirling despite the firestorm controversy surrounding the Benghazi attacks last September. Look out for that very issue to bite Clinton in the ass if she decides to run.

But more than anything, the POTUS just needs to grow a pair.  He needs to stop worrying so much about his personal image and do what is best for the nation at any means necessary.  He needs to go H.A.M like Tiger Woods on Sunday (pre-2010 of course).

Do you think the President will do better this time around than the first term? Do you think Congress will be more productive?