Forget your traditional men in camo holding loaded arms. The answer to a political rally may lie at the palm of your fingertips. These days, twitter wars are all the rage, and the culprits behind these vicious word-of-mouth battles are fan armiesFrom Beliebers to Directioners, anyone from a teeny-bopping lovesick teen to full grown adults are a part of this phenomenon. With a single hashtag, these fan armies have the ability to wreak serious mayhem on any celebrity.

When Beyoncé was accused of lip-syncing at the Presidential Inauguration, members of her #Beyhive defended the star with talons and claws drawn. In this Internet-laden era, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook have enormous power, and it’s not always the good kind. With constant communication at our fingertips, fan armies have the ability to mobilize almost instantly. Some fan armies, like Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters are infamous for harassing the musician’s adversaries. Such fans will do almost anything to protect their beloved stars and promote their art. Music Award Shows have even recognized the strength of celebrity fan armies, giving out awards to artists with the best fans.

If only Paul Ryan or Newt Gingrich could find themselves some fan armies..

Are you part of a celebrity fan army? Do you think this devoted fandom dangerous or just another modern way for fans to express their admiration?