Imagine a world where living with your parents well into your adult years is the social norm. A world where work is secondary to partying or really anything else you care to do.In Spain, this is a reality.

Walk down any street and one out of every four people you pass is probably unemployed. Pass through a younger part of town and one out of every two people find themselves doing anything but working. The latest figures put Spanish unemployment at a crisp all time high of 26%. That number is 55% for people ages 16-24. It’s like half of Spanish youth lives life day-to-day like Jay and Silent Bob. Doing nothing but hanging out and partying.

Keeping with the Jay and Silent Bob lifestyle, Spain also now finds itself with a very serious marijuana problem. Of the countries that keep a record of marijuana usage, Spain ranks among the top with their fellow debt ridden friends the Italians.

While the current double dip recession in Spain lies largely within the housing and banking sectors, no amount of bailout can fix a culture built around the idea of taking a 3 hour siesta in the middle of a work day.  With no job life just becomes a siesta on your parent’s dime doesn’t it? Forever the weekend- Siempre el Fin de Semana.

How can social issues be fixed in Spain? Do tough economic times lead to social issues or vice versa?