anonymous1So we all remember the scene from Miss Congeniality where the “Citizen” gives a scrapbook style  letter to the CIA to mislead their thoughts on a potential pageant mishap? Hacktivists from the group Anonymous gave the Justice Department a similar, but more eloquently stated, threat letter about revealing some extremely sensitive information about the Pentagon.

Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz’ suicide less than a month ago is the event that has spurred Anonymous’ outbursts. He was an activist and hacktivist in the group, and he potentially faced 35 years from government charges for stealing information and papers, mainly from MIT. Anonymous claims his death was caused because of the undue pressure put on him by the U.S. government.

Anonymous has since leaked accounts, over 4000 of them might I add, that have had connections to the Federal Reserve.

Do you think Anonymous is at all in the right for these threats and leaks? Will they continue? Is transparency not valued enough by our Justice Department?