Fiscal-CliffWhile the Superbowl may have been dominating your news feed this week, believe it or not, something other than the sports event of the year has been happening – and we aren’t talking about what’s been going on with Manti Te’o’s love life, either. If the Harbaugh Bowl was the one and only focus of your week, don’t worry – here’s your weekly run down:

1. The U.S. GDP Down 0.1%

The economy shrank unexpectedly in the 4th quarter – it’s first decline since the recession, as businesses scaled back on restocking and government spending plunged.

2. Beyonce Actually did Lip Sync

No really – she admitted it! She supposedly sang live at last night’s game though. What do you think?

3. X Games Experiences Its First Death

This year’s X Games saw it’s first death in the games’ history, with the death of snowmobile competitor  Caleb Moore. It’s prompting officials to review the rules in the snowmobile events. Moore was attempting a backflip in the freestyle event when the skis on his snowmobile caught the lip of the landing area, causing him to fall off and the snowmobile to roll over him.

4. Obama’s Hobby is… Shooting?

Even though he wants to reform gun laws, you can’t accuse Obama of not liking guns – he even says shooting is his hobby. And the White House has given proof in the form of a photo showing him shooting at Camp David in August. However, he’s also gotten scorn for boasting about his gun use. What’s your stance?

What other stories caught your attention last week?

Plus, what did you think of the Super Bowl?