“They will regret this.”

These were Iran’s Secretary of Supreme National Security Council’s words in response to an Israeli airstrike on a military compound in Damascus, Syria on Wednesday. Without spelling out exactly how they will regret the action, it seems clear that Iran and its allies are bent on making Israel pay.

What else is new. Israel has never been popular in the Middle East, just like the kid who comes to a street fight with body guards (the U.S). Even more so than their religious differences, Israel’s relationship to the U.S has made them a rallying point which Islamic extremists can set their targets.

Recently, however, the body guard hasn’t  been so quick to rush to Israel’s side. Sure, the kid is more vulnerable because of it, but he’s also still foolishly confident that he can cleanly win a fight and not start a larger brawl as a result of it. Who knows what Iranian retaliation will look like. Could it be nuclear? The Middle Eastern powder keg is ready to explode, all it needs is a spark.

Maybe the Mayans were just a year off in predicting our demise. Needless to say, any sort of major conflict between many of the Middle Eastern nations would be in nobody’s best interest.

Will we live to see a great Middle Eastern conflict? Will we live to see a nuclear attack? What should the U.S policy be going forward in the Middle East?