PTB - State of the Union Photo

What does February mean to me this time of the year? Frivolous lust? Eating endless pints of Ben & Jerry’s and sulking in sadness from being single? Romantic dinners lit by candle light? Who needs all that mess when you can count on the State of the Union address?

An hour and a half of the President outlining his big, ambitious agenda, what could be better?

Aside from the lengthened time do to often arbitrary applause, Barack seems to have a different tone this year. He doesn’t have to worry about ol’ Mittens talking smack about him every day, he doesn’t have to worry about reelection, and in his mind, the American people are on his side in many aspects.

Here, the President put everything on the table: immigration reform, the deficit, climate change, withdrawing the troops from Afganistan by next year (although we all know we’ll be “hangin out” there for much longer”), and gun control.

Do you think the President will be able to implement his ambitious agenda?