It’s as good a time as any to start prepping a lineup for the 2016 election! And the Donkeys are looking as good as a donkey possibly can!

PTB - Texts from Hillary Photo

Hillary Clinton – Let’s be real folks, can Mrs. Clinton be stopped?  As much as Republicans dislike her, they are even more scared of her because she’s the cream of the crop from the side of the Dems. Despite the Benghazi controversy, all she has to do is avoid cheating on Bill and it could be smooth sailing. With her experience in the Senate, and her recent Presidential campaign in which she was a candidate away from being the Democratic nominee, Clinton is at the top of the chart.

PTB - Rahm Emmanuel Photo

Rahm EmanuelThe tap dancing, potty mouth former Chief of Staff for Barack, is now the Mayor of Chicago. With the experience of working the White House and a total disregard of Republican opinions, it just might work. After working as a senior advisor to Bill Clinton and representing Illinois in the House, it’s about time for Emanuel to make another big move.

PTB - Pelosi Hand Picture

Nancy Pelosi – She hasn’t gotten much press, but why not? She’s one of the most powerful women in America and with that type of sass, she could also do some serious damage. The current Minority Leader in the House was the first woman to hold the role of Speaker of the House. She’s knows the Democrats like the back of her hand and has the respect of the party at large. Plus, she’s got Italian in her blood, and you don’t wanna mess with her.

PTB - Biden Meme

Joe Biden – Even though he’d be old as balls, it’d be foolish not to throw Old Man Joe in the pot. He’s the VP, and as silly as he seems, he just might be able to get the job done.  Although, I have a feeling that he may find the same demise as John McCain for being old. He too has gone for the highest office a couple times before and has played an integral role in negotiating legislation with Congress. And he’s closer to the Oval Office than anyone which gives him a unique edge.

PTB - Obama Bitches Photo

Barack Obama – Let’s be real folks. Obama is probably gonna become a tyrannical leader and refuse to step down. Long live Obama. Besides, how else could he defeat the second coming of Ronald Reagan?

Who do you think the Democratic nominee will be?