So in 2016, we will finally (well hopefully) rid ourselves of the one they call Obama (or the Obammunist if you wish). Though that’s close to four years away from now, it’s never too early to be looking ahead at who could possibly be the next guy or gal to grace the White House. The following are five Republicans whose names have been among the chatter.

marco rubio

Marco Rubio—He’s Latino and he’s a Republican. Need I say more?  Perhaps his presidential candidacy (let alone his 13 year tenure as a US Congressman, the past two being a US Senator from the great state of Florida) will put an end to the fable that “Republicans are racists.” Great guy AND he can gracefully lunge for the world’s tiniest bottle of water. Probably tops my list.

jeb bush

Jeb Bush—Seriously, I promise he’s not like his big brother. The name “Bush” might recall bad memories for people on both sides of the aisle, but that does not mean that one bad apple has to spoil the bunch! He’s a bright man, the former governor of Florida (a recurring theme) and his wife is of Mexican descent. He’s a man of strong values and is even-handed as well as a good speaker. And he, like Marco Rubio, might be more appealing to the Hispanic vote in this country, a key demographic as we have come to see.

condi rice

Condoleezza Rice—“I’ll have an order of strong Republican values with a side of the Condoleezza Rice.” She is the former Secretary of State under Dubya, and National Security Advisor before that. She is my kind of lady; she’s hard-hitting, brilliant, and poised. She is thoughtful in her own right but her name is tainted by remnants of “Bush,” DAMN! But I love Condi anyway, want to know why? Because I was too young to understand any negative implications during her tenure as Secretary of State! I’m sure she would make a fantastic president and I really want a woman to be president; and a black woman at that.

chris christie

Chris Christie—Big guy, big attitude; what’s not to love?! Aside from being a bit rough around the edges and aside from the fact that he’s always said he’s “not going to run,” Christie would be a fantastic asset to the pool of Republican nominees. If not for the presidency, then for the entertainment, because we can all agree that the debates could be spiced up a bit and he is the man for that job. But in seriousness he has done many good things for the state of New Jersey, for instance, balancing the budget while in office. Maybe he could take that kind of skill to the White House…?!

ronald reagan

Ronald Reagan—Sure, he passed away nine years ago (God Bless his soul), but that is no reason he cannot be a contender in the 2016 election. Who said you have to be physically living to be president? Last time I checked the guidelines of the Constitution, you just had to be an American-born citizen over the age of 35. Reagan just turned 113 and he was born in Illinois! Both criteria are satisfied. Although Reagan’s body may be deceased, his ideology and legacy lives on. He still has a living philosophy and loyal followers. In my book, deceased Reagan tops the other potential nominees in a primary vote and would ultimately take home Gold in the general election.

Who do you think will be the Republican nominee?