I’ve heard of jail break, but this is insane. Usually you hear about stuff being smuggled into prisons to make the lives of inmates a little easier. But in Israel, it’s what’s being smuggled out that matterns – literally the stuff of life itself.

Wives of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are beating some of the toughest security systems in the world to smuggle out their husband’s sperm. I know you probably just did a double take, so I’ll repeat it: they are smuggling SPERM out of Israeli prisons.

These wives have been claiming that they are pregnant by their husbands, some of whom are locked up for 27 life sentences. Feeling that starting a family is their right, they visit their husbands in jail and smuggle their sperm out, and then rush to the nearest IVF clinic. However, these wives are extremely coy about how they actually get the sperm past the security checkpoints.

So, what’s the real story here? Are these Palestinian women cunning enough to sneak sperm out of jail cells? Or is this a cover-up of “when the husband’s locked away, the wives will play” scenario?