Here on PTB, we try to shout out and involve our fellow VU classmates every chance we get. Today, however,  we have an especially awesome opportunity to do so. One of our own contributors, Danielle McMonagle, is currently involved in one of the most unique intern experiences possible. In an opportunity unique to the VU Communication Department, Danielle and several other classmates are interning at the Vatican. Who would have thought that from a simple internship that these lucky students would get to witness history? With the introduction of Pope Francis as the new leader of the Catholic Church, these colleagues of ours gained an experience, memory, and resume builder of a lifetime. The interns have since been interviewed by Anderson Cooper and Matt Lauer

With the introduction of the new Pope comes an effect on foreign policy decision. Being a country with a large Catholic population, many U.S  citizens make up their mind on the ethics of foreign policy decision depending what the Catholic Church has to say on the issues at hand. The War in Iraq is a perfect example.

What effect do you see the changing of the Pope having on U.S foreign relations? Does it change anything in the long run?