PTB - Marriage Madness Photo

The debate over same-sex marriage at times seems outdated, especially for people who are in college.  Now, it is not a stretch to say that people have evolved on the issue and simply don’t care in the sense that why should anyone inhibit on the right of same-sex couples to wed?  They are not hindering my autonomy, so what’s the big deal?

Interestingly enough, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, same-sex marriage is a big deal because it is legal in only 9 states.  This week, the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments regarding California’s controversial Prop 8 decision and the Defense of Marriage Act passed by President Clinton in the 1996; which is why you see people changing their Facebook profile pictures to the red equals sign from the Human Rights Campaign in solidarity for gay rights.

When I scroll down my news feed, I don’t see anyone explicitly posting any incendiary language against the cause, which again, speaks volumes to the change in public opinion, unless I’m not hanging out with enough people against gay marriage.

In addition, a lone Republican senator, Rob Portman, came out in support of gay marriage last week, largely because of his gay son, who urged him to come out in support of the cause.  And as of now, only 10 Democratic senators oppose or are still evolving on the debate over same-sex marriage.

The take-away from this week is indeed remarkable.  Whatever the Supreme Court decides, gay people aren’t going anywhere…  They do not magically disappear into the Disney Vault or go into hibernation.  The fight for marriage equality will continue.  The question is, how will the United States handle it from here on out?

Do you think that same-sex marriage should be legalized?  Do you think it’s easier to be ‘out’ than maybe 10 years ago? Let us know what you think!