So if you are anything like the other 9 million people that filled out March Madness Brackets for this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament you probably have cursed, threw something and maybe even torn up your ridiculously wrong bracket by now.  Although there are many unbelievable stories that have developed in this year’s tournament, yeah I am looking at you La Salle, Harvard and Arizona.  Some of the tournament surprises could have been seen as plausible when the tournament began, Oregon and Wichita State (see my sleepers post) were both in positions to make a run if everything clicked.
One team that NO ONE expected to still be hanging around come Sweet 16 time was Florida Gulf Coast.  With only 2.3% of the nation picking them to even win one game, the Eagles from “Dunk City” Ft. Meyer, Florida have taken the tournament by storm and find themselves in a Sweet 16 battle with in-state rival Florida to take place Friday night.
Since no one saw this coming, we at Pop the Bubble thought it best to give our readers a quick bio blast for the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles so you can be informed before you jump on Dunk City’s bandwagon for Friday night’s game.
Florida Gulf Coast University was founded in 1997 as a distance learning center for those trying to earn their degree in the Ft. Meyer area.  The athletic program was certainly not a priority for the administration since no team competed at any level until 2002.  Even then, the teams were certainly not competitive, they were classified to the NAIA and slowly progressed to their current place as a NCAA Division I member.  The basketball team, now the spotlight for the school, did not start competing as a Division I team until last year.  Since their historic win over Georgetown in the first round, Dunk City has taken the nation by storm. What is best is that they are doing this all while having fun.  When they are not dunking and alley-ooping over their opponents on the court, the Eagles can be seen dancing and simply enjoying the game of basketball, that might just be what makes them everyone’s favorite Cinderella this year.
Although it seems as if the clock will strike midnight Friday night when they take on my pick to make it to the National Championship game Florida, FGCU will just go out and do what they do best, have fun.  They already have made their history being the first 15 seed to make it to the Sweet 16, now everything is just gravy.  Don’t sleep on the Eagles though, their whole school is behind them and they are certainly still hungry.